We have a number of experienced pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants who are passionate and enthusiastic about the idea of always serving you better. In this sense, we frequently participate in continuous training that is key in order to stay up to date on new knowledge.

Our teams are trained for your health

We ensure that we have a large enough stock at all times to respond immediately to all your demands in the field of health. Contact our pharmacists directly for any additional information.


Allopathic products are of key importance, even vital to a large part of the population. These medicines must therefore remain the cornerstone of pharmacies and it is a question of being vigilant as to the correct delivery of these. Whether it is a prescription or over-the-counter medication, our concern is to always better advise and serve you. In this context, we strive to store as much as possible the medicines you need, while ensuring its proper use in a rational way. If the desired product is not in stock, our wholesaler, with his 3 daily deliveries, will provide it to us in the day or the next morning (Maximum in the 4 working hours)!


These are herbal treatments. Used by man for millennia and in all civilizations, plants have the advantage of acting naturally. They are composed of several active principles that act in synergy which often gives an optimum result. Thus the bioavailability (assimilation) of the components is often higher than the synthetic versions. That said, their effects are certainly not to be taken lightly and some plants
can be toxic. Always ask your pharmacist or doctor for rational use.

More info: http://www.guide-phytosante.org/


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.
As the name implies, the essential oil is the essence of the aromatic plant and is obtained mainly by distillation (or by cold pressure in the case of citrus fruits). They can be used pure or diluted in a vegetable oil or other neutral basis, orally, by diffusion, inhalation or even locally. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on the appropriate use.

More info: http://www.college-aromatherapie.com/aromatherapie_et_publications


Natural elixirs developed by Dr. Bach in 1930, Bach’s Flowers act on your emotional balance. Thus, 38 remedies have been designed to cope with different emotions (fear, loneliness, lack of interest, despair, uncertainty, hypersensitivity etc.).
There is also the emergency formula or rescew remedy. Do not hesitate to ask our teams for advice on the choice of remedy or its use.

More info: http://bachcentre.com/fr/presentation/38/index.php


The principle of homeopathy is to treat or prevent a pathology with an infinitesimally diluted substance from vegetable, mineral or animal origin that, if concentrated, would cause similar symptoms as those of the patient. The dilution is done in a specific way (by energizing) giving a dilution in CH (Centesimal Hahneman) or K (Korsakhov). The most common forms are granules or globules (single doses), but homeopathic tablets, creams, syrups, suppositories or eye drops can also be used.

More info: http://www.homeopathie-unio.be/fr/general


The goal here is to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to operate optimally. These needs are usually covered by a
varied and balanced diet. However, in some cases, it may be interesting to make use of a personalized supplement, either to compensate for certain deficiencies, but also as part of a diet, to prepare the skin for the sun, fight against fatigue or stress, strengthen the immune system, improve the signs of aging, memory or concentration, give yourself a boost etc.

Given the multitude of ranges and nutritional products, our teams will be happy to advise you in this area of health.


We are here to advise you to find your happiness, taking into account your type of skin and your desires. We also organize discovery days (skin diagnosis, care and use tips) to which we invite you to register.

We aldo propose to make a SKIN ANALYSIS with our Soft Plus equipment. Hydratation pH, temperature, elasticity, sebum, melanine, wrinkles, microcirculation, are some examples of possible measures to objectivise a diagnosis and guide you to the best products for your skin.

More information in your pharmacy !


The birth of a child is a wonderful moment we cherish, but that needs some preparation. From conception to breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth, our teams will be happy to accompany you and advise you in all these crucial stages of life.


Fleas, ticks and worms; these are the great classics for which we offer a wide range of products. For the health of your pet, you can also pick up any medicine prescribed by your veterinarian.

We can also offer a suitable diet with the brands Hill’s or Royal Canin (Vdiet), as well as hygiene products (shampoos, eye and ear cleaning, oral products) and food supplements.


For all your personalised needs, we have all the necessary material to provide your needs.


Adhesive tape, compresses, low contention, diagnostic apparatus (blood pressure monitors, thermometers, blood glucose test, HIV, oxygen, urinary tigettes, splints and support materials, incontinence material) are all available in your pharmacy. Besides the sale of many bandages, medical equipment and home care products, our pharmacies offer the possibility of renting many items to meet more punctual needs.


Our pharmacies offer the opportunity to rent many items to meet more specific needs.

You can ask us in particular: Aerosol, wheelchair, crutches, breast pumps and accessories, light therapy, baby scales, etc.